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The Hendricks Institute

Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women (a workshop for women)
Rediscover men with compassion, understanding and the ability to get what you need from them with less effort and more satisfaction for both of you. Gain a deep appreciation for the natural synergy possible between the sexes. Rock your world – transform your relationship to men forever.

Understanding Women: Unlock the Mystery! (a workshop for men & women)
Learn why women do what they do – how they think, act, speak and listen – and how to work with it instead of being frustrated by it! Gain an extraordinary understanding of how women are designed.

Celebrating Women (aka "Queen"): Regarding Ecstasy & Power
(for women who have completed "Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women")
"Celebrating Women" provides the insights, knowledge and tools you need to have your inner Queen glowing with energy and power.
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