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Soul Candy
(The metamorphosis of the discarded to art.)

Our featured artist is Gene Johnson. I worked for Gene at an ad agency in New York. He led with kindness, a gift we all took with us when we eventually went our separate ways. Twenty-five years later, that gentleness emerges in me in situations where my initial reaction is to kill someone. About 99% of the time, it transforms the entire situation.

If you look at Gene’s art, the same thing is being expressed.

farmer's table frida censurada shad
“When metamorphosis occurs,” he writes, “the circumstances and the function of something change. In a collage, things unusable or forgotten now become something new. A discarded photo comes to life in a new context; the postage stamp on the corner of a dusty envelope in the bottom of a drawer now becomes the centerpiece.”

When we re-view the most boring or wretched parts of our lives with tenderness and nonjudgement, everything changes. We change. As Gene puts it, “new life and new meaning.”

  - Steve

To see more, visit genejohnsonart.com
war weary collector's table two
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