What's with this picture?
Eckhart Tolle - Tchshhhh
Thirty-three seconds into this video, Eckhart uses the word, tchshhh.

Tchshhh (noun): The space in which you allow whatever is happening--no matter how infuriating, frightening or painful--to happen.

I recently began doing freelance copywriting for a perfectionist. Project after project she'd rip my work to shreds. In my mind I scripted a fantasy quoting Popeye: "That's all I can stands and I can't stands no more!"

And then, our next meeting, tchshhh. I breathed, and listened to what she was saying. No reactions, no thoughts. Just breathing, and listening.


In that single tchshhh, our mutual frustration transformed into mutual acceptance. She still busts my balls, but gently, and on occasion I glance at that can of spinach, but I don't feel the need to squeeze it open.

That's the power of tchshhh.

  - Steve
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