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Wayne Dyer - The Shift
The Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert talk about two kinds of hunger. First there's the little hunger, the hunger for food, money, material comfort. Then comes the big hunger, the hunger for meaning. There's a critical, quantum moment in our lives when we move from the little hunger to the big hunger. This is what Wayne Dyer calls The Shift.

Early in life we follow the ego, a path of ambition, competition, and striving. When midlife dawns, we too often find ourselves stranded in a lonely and desolate place we never intended to visit. Our sadness and frustration tell us we took a wrong turn. Like a shift in the wind or a change in the tide, the yearning we feel is a call to renewal. The Shift shows us the path home, to rediscovering our authentic self, our purpose, and the life of meaning that is our true calling.

"When you get it," Wayne says, "not doing things because of what somebody else is going to do for you, but because you're living your life's purpose—you can light up the whole world with that kind of love. That's how it works for me."

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Inspired by the movie, the book illustrates how and why to make the move from ambition to meaning.

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