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Val's EFT Workshop
The Art and Science of EFT
Come learn the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and the science behind it!

EFT Tapping Points EFT is a simple, quick, inexpensive, effective treatment method that integrates the principles of Chinese acupuncture and Western psychotherapy. It gently removes unconscious blocks to healing and can be self-applied to a wide range of emotional, health and performance issues.

EFT is based on the connection between a person’s thoughts and emotions and the body’s subtle energies, neurological activity and cellular function. It can also be used as a natural, side-effect-free alternative for chronic pain. EFT is a potent method for dealing with mild to severe stress, can be used for self-comforting, and is an effective self-help tool that empowers us with a greater sense of calm, competency and self esteem.

In this workshop, Dr. Valorie Valencia will teach the technique and discuss current theories of why it works so well. We’ll practice the technique several times so all will leave the workshop with the EFT protocol firmly established in muscle memory and ready to use whenever and wherever we are faced with life’s challenges (opportunities for growth).
To schedule an EFT Workshop, contact Val at info@stellarliving.us.
Steve's Yoga Nidra Workshop
Yoga nidra (yogic sleep) is an ancient Tantric practice that eases you step by step into the deepest level of conscious relaxation. In addition to being a powerful yoga tool, yoga nidra is being used to address the root cause of nearly every health issue you can imagine. In this workshop, Steve Price will show you how it works in the context of yoga (stilling your mind so that you can rest in awareness), and explain some of the science behind it. He will then guide you in a luxurious yoga nidra experience, followed by a Q&A.
To schedule a Yoga Nidra Workshop, contact Steve at info@stellarliving.us.
Val's Longevity Workshop
EFT Tapping PointsWould like to live a longer, happier, passion-filled life? Lifestyle is the key. Come experience the art and science of Val's Vitality Virtues—the Eight Keys to Longevity: 1) Breathe Fully, 2) Drink Selectively, 3) Eat Wisely, 4) Move Naturally, 5) Sleep Deeply,
6) Relax Completely, 7) Connect Continuously and
8) Feel Good Now. In this workshop you will learn principles you can apply in your life right now that will not only add years to your life but life to your years.
To learn more, schedule a Longevity Workshop with Val at info@stellarliving.us.
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