What's with this picture?
Soul Candy
Thick Skull
That’s the title to Michael I. Price’s newly published photographic memoir. The subject: our hometown in upstate New York. He decided to shoot not with his expensive, professional SRL camera but his iPhone. These beautifully depressing images are preceded by an hilarious introduction by our mother and accompanied by wonderful, self-reflective captions.

Socrates once said, "The unexamined life is not worth living." And while Hudson wouldn't be Mike's first choice to have been born and raised, he's come to acknowledge that "this is where [his] memories are."

My brother had only 25 copies of Thick Skull printed to give out as holiday gifts. When I asked him where people could buy it, he replied, "Who the hell would want it?" I proposed five viable target audiences, to which he responded, "What have you been smoking?"

Whose skull would you say is thicker? Do me a favor. E-mail him at michael@michaelpricephotography.com and request a copy.


Universal Atlas Cement Plant


Each morning residents of Hudson would wake up to a fine sprinkling of white dust covering their sidewalks and cars. Unable to meet the Clean Air Act regulations of the late 1960s, the two cement plants that bordered the city were forced to close. I often wonder what the effects of breathing the heavily polluted air for so many years had on the people of our community.
Cedar Park Cemetery


Some of the earliest graves in the Hudson Cemetery date back to the early 1700s. Many of my relatives, as well as high school friends who met untimely deaths, are buried here.

Half Moon Bar & Grill


Named after the ship of explorer Henry Hudson.
Star City Taxi Office


Star City Taxi was owned by my father’s friend, Piney Shallo. When my father was taken to the hospital after his first heart attack and began hallucinating from nicotine withdrawal, he kept asking if Piney was going to drive to New York City and bring him back a dozen donuts. It was hard to keep from laughing. There would be no donuts. Piney was long dead.
State Bar & Grill


If you were old enough to ask for a drink, you were served. The bar was used as a location for the film, Nobody’s Fool starring Paul Newman. The original neon sign was removed and replaced with one that read, “The Iron Horse.” No one ever bothered to change it back.
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