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Detoxify Your Life
After cancelling my cable TV, I was prepared for my daughters, 10 and 14, to protest. To my delight, they didn’t. Perhaps they’ve come to notice the effects of all that visual and auditory pollution on their nervous systems.

In Patanjali’s eight-limb yoga, there’s a practice called sauca (pronounced SHOUT-cha), which means purity. This applies to everything you allow into your life, mentally, physically and energetically. The more you practice sauca, the more aware and intolerant you become about any substance, thought, experience or person that clogs or contaminates you.

Glass of Water Valorie prepares her own water. (E-mail her at info@stellarliving.us,
and she’ll be happy to give you her recipe.) This act of sauca not only cleans her cells, but also clears her mind of any concerns about the quality of bottled water, leeching of plastic, etc. And by eliminating worry, you prevent the release of stress chemicals which, over time, become toxic.

What’s the most debilitating impurity in your life? Something in your diet? A recurring thought? A person whose effect on you has proven detrimental? What small step could you take right now to minimize or eliminate it?

Try this. Spend just a few minutes cleaning or clearing something relatively minor. Delete old messages from your inbox, empty the dishwasher, pay a bill—anything that’s been occupying even the smallest amount of your attention, in the front or back of your mind. Then immediately sit in meditation, noticing and enjoying that little extra space you’ve cleared in your consciousness. Maybe there’s a little more ease somewhere in the body, perhaps some softness in the breath. Imagine how good it would feel to clear something really big.
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