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Love Poem of the Month

The Lost Song
I lost a song I loved.
It had played as the end credits rolled
in a film I'd seen alone.

It was by a group who'd lost their leader
tragically yet went on to do
this song with his spirit between the notes.

I forget the name of the song,
the group, the leader, the film,
year, theater, city....

That's what happens sometimes.
Songs get lost when we lose
ourselves somewhere along our way.

Today in a tiny pause
a breath of that song passed through me,
reminding me I'd forgotten it.

If you're ever feeling lost, or forgotten,
be completely quiet, and feel how I
love you the way that song loves me.
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Longevity Tip #5
Sleep in Total Darkness

This maximizes the production of serotonin, which has anti-aging effects. So eliminate all sources of light or wear an eye mask.

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